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23 Apr, 2017

PeerBoost: The Best Alternative to Instagress

Even we here at PeerBoost must admit… Instagress was a great product. Their site design was clear and clean and the range of options that they offered was impressive, as was their customer service. As the market leader in online Instagram bot technology, they were a worthy competitor and it is understandable why they were […]

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27 Mar, 2017

How to Avoid Instagram Password Resets

Occasionally when using PeerBoost, you may receive an email from Instagram that lets you know that your account may have been compromised and that you will need to reset your password on Instagram to continue using and posting. The email usually looks something like this: Hi <Instagram account name>, We detected some suspicious activity that […]

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23 Mar, 2017

What does it mean when I am asked to “Verify” my account?

Occasionally when you add an Instagram account to PeerBoost you will be prompted to verify your account either through a message within PeerBoost or through an email from Instagram. The reason you receive this verification request is because you have logged in from a different IP address than normal. Instagram sends this email to ensure […]

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17 Mar, 2017

Instagram Followers Boost using Comments

PeerBoost, when used correctly is a great tool to solve the problem of how to get followers on Instagram. In this post we will focus on the Comments feature of our powerful automation tool. Commenting on other user’s posts can be one of the best ways to get comments in return, and to get more […]

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03 Feb, 2017

What Makes an Instagram Post Go Viral?

Let’s face it: Most online content gets ignored. Some attracts a handful of likes and shares. And a small percentage manages to go viral, attracting thousands and maybe even millions of likes and shares, and eventually growing in popularity for the self-perpetuating reason that it’s grown so popular already. On Instagram, a single image or […]

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19 Jan, 2017

The Professional Side of Instagram: New Tools Benefit Businesses

Instagram made its name as a social media platform for today’s selfie obsessed youth, but since its launch in October 2010, the company has come a long way. Now popular with a broad demographic, Instagram has also gained traction as a valuable marketing tool for businesses, large and small. From product photos to behind the […]

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05 Dec, 2016

How to use Hashtags Settings in PeerBoost to Gain More Followers

The Hashtags tool is the most powerful tool PeerBoost offers to target users within your specific niche. If used properly, proper use of hashtags can make your Instagram account stand out from the crowd and in so doing gain you a whole new set of options when growing your Instagram following. What are Hashtags? Hashtags […]

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07 Oct, 2016

How to get more Instagram Followers using PeerBoost

Used correctly, PeerBoost’s bot software can be a powerful tool to automate your tasks on Instagram such as Liking, Commenting and Following and as a result, get more Likes, Followers and Comments in return. PeerBoost is the go-to tool for those who need to increase their reach on Instagram, including major brands with millions of […]

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02 Oct, 2016

How Buying Instagram Followers Can Hurt Your Business

We’ve all seen companies and users on Instagram with thousands or millions of followers, but where did they come from? Occasionally it’s a celebrity, because who doesn’t want to know what Gwyneth Paltrow is up to? But most of the time there’s something more sinister behind that follower count. More often than not, though, the […]

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01 Oct, 2016

How to Create Incredible Instagram Videos

Instagram has turned into one of the most useful social media tools for furthering reach and gaining more followers. Though it hasn’t quite achieved the stature of Facebook, Instagram can be a huge influence for any blog, business, or personal account. One great way to utilize the power of this platform for your business is to […]

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30 Sep, 2016

Has Instagram Become the World’s Favorite Art Gallery?

Although there are hundreds of languages in the world, there has only been one that communicates to everyone: art. It’s been a constant across nations, and has taught tolerance, love, justice, and more. But art history won’t be the same in 100 years. Rather than looking only at paintings and sculpture in museums to define […]

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16 Sep, 2016

A Small Business Guide to Running a Successful Instagram Contest

The entire Instagram platform was designed for engagement. As a small business, the best way to maximize engagement on this increasingly popular social networking platform is to run contests that excite followers and move them to action. Common Types of Instagram Contests Before delving into some best practices, tips, and techniques for running a successful […]

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30 Aug, 2016

The Power of Influencers: A Look at the Users Shaping Instagram

What does it mean to be an influencer? In the business world, the first thing that comes to mind may be Dale Carnegie’s famous book “How to Win Friends and Influence People” or you might think of shows like Shark Tank, where entrepreneurs get to pitch their products to industry big shots. Well, on Instagram, […]

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20 Aug, 2016

6 Instagram Marketing Tips to Help Your Startup Grow

Startups are synonymous with terms like innovative, progressive, and hip. And while there’s still value to be extracted from social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter, the truth is that newer platforms, like Instagram, are more in line with what startups stand for. Unfortunately, very few brands truly understand how to successfully leverage this powerful […]

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10 Aug, 2016

7 Reasons You Need to Be on Instagram for Social Media Marketing

Instagram presents an amazing story in social media. Coming from almost nothing, the site now sports a user base of more than 400 million monthly active users, which makes it the second-biggest social media platform in the world. It’s not quite as big as Facebook, but it’s bigger than Twitter now, so it’s displaced one […]

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12 Jul, 2016

How to Become Popular: 5 Tips for More Instagram Likes and Followers

Instagram can be a frustrating social media platform from time to time. This is especially true when you’ve been on Instagram for years and only get a fraction of the likes and followers that your friends receive. And while it can be easy to take this personally, don’t worry – it’s not you. In all […]

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15 May, 2016

PeerBoost Beta Launch!

Welcome! Today we are proud to announce our public beta launch. We’ve worked hard to get to this point and will continue to work to add new features and improve the functionality of our tool. We hope that you will join us in this initial launch phase and help us find any bugs that we […]

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